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Project management

Top 5 project management blogs you should check out today

May 31, 2017

Project Managers typically have a lot on their plate—clients, tasks, teamwork, deadlines, and whole lot of planning. Keeping up with the best tips, tools and resources can be a lot of added stress to a busy workload. Who has time? 

That’s why we’ve picked our five favourite project management blogs to share. These are our go-to places for finding the latest in the PM world.

The Digital Project Manager

Twitter: @thedigitalpm

The Digital Project Manager blog is the gold standard of DPM inspo. It features well-written tips, tricks, tools, funnies, training, how-to guides, and jobs. Its GIF-game is tight and the site in general is also well-designed and highly visual.

In terms of actual content, the posts range from “The awkward moment when your client is slightly too far away for you to go shake their hands” to “starting projects better with your clients”; a tapestry of advice on workload, teams and project management, for all levels of expertise.

Ben Aston founded The Digital Project Manager in 2011. In his words: “We provide project management guidance for the digital wild west where crazy clients, tiny budgets and stupid deadlines reign supreme.”

Pro tip: check out the DPM Slack channel. Their channel covers all the Project Management guidance you might need, with separate channels for tools, such as upcoming events and conferences, latest information on content and software, and helpful tools and job resources.

Matt Riopelle

Twitter: @mattriopelle

With post titles like “How to train your client” and “Selling your time is plastic bottled water,” you know Matt Riopelle’s blog is going to offer some DPM realtalk.

Bonus points goes to the minimalist interface and catchy titles. Matt Riopelle’s blog is a must for learning the more practical side of managing digital projects—planning, teams, clients, and deadlines. Matt’s simplistic approach and smart commentary are refreshing.


Twitter: @louderthanten

With helpful reviews, interviews, how-to guides and in-depth think-pieces called “What the f%^k are you talking about?, Coax has a lot to offer the DPM community.

The blog’s design is well-thought out and the articles are irreverent and often laugh-out-loud funny (both of which go a long way with us over here at Min). Blog posts are written by various staffers, giving each piece a unique voice and perspective. If you’re looking for a blog on project management with a little bit of everything—peppy style and cutting-edge information—Coax is required reading.

Girl’s Guide to Project Management

Twitter: @pm4girls

Despite the name, GGPM is not just for the ladies. The Girl’s Guide to Project Management has free project management templates and checklists, collaboration tips and reviews of new software.

The Girl’s Guide to Project Management also has a strongly interactive social community; the Project Management Cafe on Facebook is an open forum where people can come together and share approaches, specific conundrums and project management insights.

Elizabeth Harrin, the “girl” behind the “guide,” has been running this blog for 11 years (which, in internet-years, is like an eternity). In her words: “Back in 2006, flicking through the trade press and going to conferences meant reading and listening to what men had to say about project management.  There’s nothing wrong with that – they were (and still are) often very good.  But the project management world was lacking a female perspective.”

The Reluctant Project Manager

Twitter: @reluctantpm

“Some are born project managers, some have project management thrust upon them.” (IMO truer words were never spoken).

The Reluctant Project Manager was created by Vancouver-born Nick Wilkinson, an engineer tricked into becoming a project manager.  

The goal of Nick’s blog was to provide a platform where he can express his experiences with DPM—his process, mistakes, solutions and lessons. The posts are practical on a both a professional and personal level, providing you a cohesive picture of what goes into a life in project management.

In his words: “Posts on this blog are intended to be useful and to the point. I’ll skip the buzzwords and hype because hands-on insight is better than theory. And I’ll never post photos of handshakes, pie charts, or people running marathons in power suits because I just respect you too damned much.”

Pro Tip: Be sure to follow @reluctantpm on Twitter. His tweets range from hilarious to practical tips that’ll improve your PM life for the better.

What did we miss?

Digital project management life is complex and the list of blogs could go on and on, but these ones get our high five. What are your favourite DPM blogs? 

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